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Professional video doesn't have to be expensive. At 3rd Planet Video our objective is to provide you quality services at prices geared towards our tough economic times.

We specialize in Low Budget Projects including Starving Artist Projects, Businesses that don't normally have a budget for TV Commercials, Marketing or Training Videos, Community Group Projects, Independent Projects, Demo Reels, Video News Releases, Personal and Home Videos just to name a few.

Normally people with limited budgets end up resorting to either "do it yourself" or working with beginners. The quality of your project suffers. Your project takes longer than expected while someone uses it for their training on your time.

At 3rd Planet Video you get Professional Talent with Broadcast and Corporate Video experience. You're not going to find this level of experience at this price anywhere else.

We specialize in helping those new to Video Production and Post-Production. We'll help you plan your project so you avoid the costly mistakes beginners usually make. If you started a project that now has problems, we'll help you fix them but that's always more expensive than doing it right from the beginning. Sometimes the damage is irreparable so we do recommend you consult with us from the start.

Have questions? Please don't be afraid to ask.
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