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In 1998 I asked Activist / Actor Al Lewis to run as the Green Party Candidate for Governor of New York. To many he was known as Grandpa Munster of the "Munsters" and Officer Schnauzer on "Car 54 Where Are You?" Some of us also knew him as an activist show host on Pacifica's WBAI in NYC. Few knew that he also had a doctorate in Child Psychology from Columbia University.

He was a life long activist, a profession that stretched far beyond his acting career. From Sacco & Venzetti through the Black Panthers to fighting to overturn the Rockefeller Drug laws, Al was a dedicated activist.

Many Greens knew little of his activist history. They couldn't fathom why I'd ask Grandpa Munster to run for Governor. His political credentials dwarf Arnold Schwarzenegger!

We shot and edited this 35 minute video in May 1998 to familiarize Green Party supporters with Al Lewis, the radical activist. Please Drop watching a TV sitcom for one night and watch these four segment. In Nov. 1998 he receive over 52,000 votes giving GPNY the ballot line for four years. He passed away on Feb. 3, 2006.

Click on each picture to play the clip. MPEG4 files can be played with Quicktime Player on Windows and Mac.

Part One - 10:36
Part Two - 7:25
Part Three - 7:09
Part Four - 9:38