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Corporate Demos

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Dynamic Logic Demo

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Corporate Demo Reel

Dynamic Logic hosted this Conference on Media Marketing
General Corporate Demo Reel

Business Presentations

Whether it's training employees, seasonal reports, marketing, in store presentations for customers, demonstrating your products or services, video can help.

Employee Training-
Having an employee training video saves you staff training time. Instead of giving the same trainings to new employees or introducing new procedures over and over again, a training video saves you hours of repeat training. In fact, each staff member can view the training as often as needed to reinforce the training. It allows staff to view the training at a convenient time and it's one less thing you have to do in your busy day. It leaves you more time to focus on the bottom line.

In Store Presentations
It's like a commercial with no time limit, no air time to buy and the potential customer is right there! You just don't have the time to show your latest greatest product to every customer. Some are reluctant to ask questions, others shy away from sales people. You can have an in store product demo, highlight tape, promotional video running in your front window or front desk.

Seasonal Reports
A video report is far more engaging than a printed one. Seeing a person on tape conveys information with human inflection without the scheduling nightmares of a lengthy meeting. It's more convenient for you and your staff. On video you can much greater impact than on paper. Information on video is more likely to be remembered.

Whether it's to promote an idea at a meeting or sending a client a tape, a video is an excellent and time efficient tool to get your ideas across. Seeing an idea in action is the most impressive way you can reach your target.