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TV Commercials

You're a small business and you need to bring in more customers. Maybe you thought TV Commercials were out of your league.

A TV commercials can cost you LESS than a full page ad in your community newspaper. It may even cost you less than flyering the neighborhood and it's far more effective.

You can buy air time for a :30 spot for only a few hundred dollars. You can even target the spot to a specific time of day, a specific program or channel that your potential customers watch.

We'll work with you to produce, write and shoot a commercial tailored to your needs. We'll also work out a strategy for ad placement.

A TV Commercial will bring you new customers. All this can cost less money than an ad in your community paper.

Click on Image to see Spot Demo. DSL/Cable or faster recommended. Quicktime 5 required
BWAC Spot DSL Tennistip Spot DSL Woodworking Spot DSL
BWAC spot DSL/CableModem
Tennistip Spot
Hardware Store spot DSL/CableModem