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Video News Releases

You're a community organization, non profit or activist organization and you want tv coverage. The TV news teams aren't flocking to your press conferences. News crews often don't have time to cover all the stories going on in the city.

Doing a VNR (Video New Release) is the best way to get TV news coverage. If you give the news stations all the elements, interviews, video of the story subject, titles, even a sample news story, etc. you're more likely to get coverage.

Often TV news shows run a little short or it's too close to air for them to write and edit a story from scratch. While we all believe our story is the most important, doing a VNR means your story can be chosen to "fill their gap." They're also likely to keep your video on file if they like the story but can't air it that day.

Ultimately TV news shows are under staffed, under tight deadlines, don't always make the best decision about where to send their crews and which stories to cover. The more work you do for them, the more likely your story will get coverage. While written press releases work for print, a VNR can provide the visual elements to get you coverage.

We can shoot and edit your story and hand deliver the tapes to the TV stations in a day.