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What kind of Video Cameras do you use?
We shoot with Small Professional 3 chip digital video cameras with excellent low light response. We use tripods during the ceremony for steadiest shots and hand held during the reception to inconspicuously catch great candid action.
How do you record the audio?
We use a wireless mic on the groom for the ceremony. The camera shot gun mic is always on also to pick up audience response and music. During the reception we use the camera shot gun mic.
Do you use lights?
Our cameras have excellent low light response so we avoid lights as much as possible. During the reception we occasionally use a small on camera 10 or 20 watt light during key events but tend to keep it off whenever possible because we get more candid video.
How would you describe your shooting style?
True Documentary. Shooting we capture excellent candid video. With unobtrusive camera work we catch people at their unguarded best. The joy, romance and antics are the stuff of memories. Certainly people can talk candidly to the camera but we don't force people to answer questions because they become self conscious. Our videos are beautifully shot memories that can be handed down as a family heirloom. It's a true memory of people "as they are."
How would you describe your editing style?
Beautifully shot video tells the story. We don't use many effects other than nice dissolves and transitions and occasional slow motion to show the romance and emotions of the moment. We leave in as much as possible in the edited video.
How do you use music and audio?
We want you to hear the audio in the moment. We want you to see people dancing to the music of the band or DJ, the laughter of the guests, those softly whispered words. We may use music in an opening scene montage. This wedding is a memory that should be alive and natural as possible.
What kind of DVDs do you make?
All of our DVDs include a graphic menu and chapter markers, even for our raw video package. They also include full color printing directly on the disc and have a professional "retail" style case. Many other videographers burn their DVD on consumer recorders and use only adhesive labels that may result in playback problems.
Do you shoot bridal preparation and the photo shoot?
At the request of the couple, we'll do this without any "special" charges. Other videographers charge for these as upgraded or more expensive packages. We charge for the number of hours you need. We can shoot anything you'd like during those hours. If you need more hours you simply add them on. This allows you the freedom to customize your package based on the hours you want. Normally we start shooting about an hour before the ceremony to create an edited montage of the wedding location.